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Five Best Leagues for Betting on Basketball in 2020

Basketball betting has become very popular in the last few decades. The best thing about betting on this sport is the availability of bets.

There are various basketball leagues and tournaments for betting. You can bet on all these leagues.

It is a trendy sport. There are many international leagues for men and women. NBA is not the only basketball leagues.

Most of the European countries have their basketball leagues. You will find bets on these leagues on various popular basketball betting sites.

National Basketball Association (NBA): 

Out of all the basketball leagues, the NBA is the most popular one. It was founded in the year 1946. There is a total of 30 teams in the NBA. Out of them, 29 are from the US, whereas one is from Canada. There are two conferences and six divisions in the league. Every team has to play 82 games in the regular season. NBA season lasts from October to June. It is the wealthiest and most profitable league in basketball. All the top players are a part of the NBA. Out of all the teams, only the top 8 make it to the playoffs. 

The teams, who qualify for the playoffs, then play the championship game. In 2020, Lakers won the NBA Championship. Last year Raptors took the crown. NBA is the most preferred league to bet on. Most of the bettors wait for NBA season to start to place bets.

NCAA Basketball:

After the NBA, the second most popular basketball tournament is NCAA or College basketball. It is not a league but basketball completion among colleges and universities in the US. Most of the NCAA players make it to NBA. This league is further divided into various divisions. The divisions are for men and women both. There are 68 teams in this league. There are 350 divisions. College games are exciting. Most of the people in the US bet on NCAA as well.


The EuroLeague was founded only a few years after the NBA. It starts in October and lasts till April. There are only 16 teams in this league. It consists of teams 호두코믹스 from Europe. There are midweek games in this league. Out of all teams, Real Madrid is the most popular one. You can also bet on this league. It is not as popular as football, but people still support basketball in Europe.

Liga ACB (Spain):

This is another popular basketball league for betting. It was founded in the year 1957. The regular season starts in October and ends by May. There are 17 teams in this league. This league is very similar to La Liga football league. Barcelona and Real Madrid are the two most competitive teams in this league. Most of the NBA players came from this league. 

Turkish Basketball Super League (BSL):

As the name goes, this league is for Turkish teams. It was founded in the year 1966. There are 16 teams in this league. It starts in October and ends in April. This league is very popular. It is well-supported. There is substantial financial support. You can bet on this league as well.

These are the best basketball leagues you can bet on. All the betting sites cover these popular leagues. You will find bets on their sites during the basketball season.

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