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Baseball Betting: Different Types of Bets in Baseball

Baseball betting is different than betting on other sports. The number of bets and terminologies are enough to confuse a new bettor.

There are various terms and terminologies in baseball. Unless you understand these terms, you will not be able to bet on the sport.

Apart from that, you also need to understand the types of bets. There are various types of bets in this sport. You need to understand the types of bets to enjoy baseball betting.

Types of Bets:

Here are some of the essential types of bets on baseball. You need to understand these bets before you start betting.

Moneyline Bets:

Even though you are new to baseball betting, you might have come across this term. It is the most common type of bet. These bets are simple and straightforward. Moreover, you will find this bet in almost all websites. There are two teams in the game. You can check the odds and place the bet on the team with a higher chance of winning the game. The famous team with a higher chance of winning goes by as the favoured team. It has a minus sign. Then there is an underdog team. This team is weak and has a plus sign. The odds of the favoured team winning the game are more.

Run Line Bets:

This bet is very popular. It is quite different from Moneyline bets. The main factor in Moneyline bet is money, but the main factor in the run line bet is the number of runs. Here, the runs are in the form of the point spread. You will find different range of runs on every website. The favoured team has to win by two runs while the underdog team needs to either lose or win by one run.


It is a combination of several bets. You can place a single wager on all these bets to get huge payouts. You can set various bets at once. When you add bets, the odds change. 토토사이트 The odds are placed in such an order that the chance of winning is relatively less. You have to be cautious while placing this bet. If you lose a single bet, you will lose the entire money.

Totals – Over/ Under Bets:

This is another popular type of baseball bet. In this type of bet, the total number of runs plays an important role. It would help if you placed the bet on a total number of runs scored by the teams. There is a point called the hook. It is midpoint. It helps to indicate the side your bet falls in. Example the hook is five runs. Now if the total runs scored by the team fall below five, then under will win. If it falls over five runs, then over will win. 

Prop Bets:

Prop bets are short and quick. You can place bets on things like fastest pitch record, longest homerun hit, manager to get fired, etc.

Futures Bets:

As the name goes, you can place this bet on a future event. The most common type of futures bet is placing a bet on the outcome of the entire baseball tournament. 

These are the different types of bets in baseball. You can choose any bets. Most sports betting websites offer all these types of bets.

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